Van Thanh Tai - Luggage distribution unit in Vietnam

Our brands

The brands we own are all famous brands in the world with a long history and prestige with a global reputation.

The leading Japanese brand in the Asian market was born in 1964. Echolac's designs are a harmonious combination of Western and Eastern styles, highlighting class and elegance for users.

International fashion brand established in 1945 in France - A brand of stylish, dynamic, new fashion style.

The Japanese brand was founded in 1989 with luggage products that are ahead of their time and of top quality.

President brand originates from Japan with more than 60 years of experience in the luggage industry, famous for its absolute security lock lines for users.

Founded in 1914, Antler has affirmed its unique position and been named "The best luggage British" - the number 1 luggage brand in the UK.

With more than 100 years of brand development, Santa Barbara always carries a modern breath and a dynamic and trendy sports style like the very spirit of America

Established in 1989, DKNY fashion products always have a place in the fashion world and are loved and trusted by almost consumers.

Famous for high-class suitcases, backpacks, travel accessories, using environmentally friendly materials.

Premium brand from Canada with famous products for electronic security through modern RFID technology.

Founded in 1985, famous for its line of ultralight canvas suitcases that are popular around the world. It Luggage's designs are sophisticated and elegant.

The brand is famous for its products that are made of eco-friendly, non-toxic and lightweight materials - durable to use.

The brand has a foothold all over the world, especially in Japan. Arnold Palmer's backpacks and suitcases are mainstream for sport and travel, but they still don't lose their inherent fashion.